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spidergirl ::::)


spidergirl ::::)



we should stop putting our mbti types in our abouts and use our seme/uke types as seen by semeuke.com

like does it matter if ur an esfj or istp when no one has any idea if you might be a chibi seme or a flaming uke



emotes that sound like what they mean

  • uwu
  • ono
  • vuv
  • ouo
  • owo

Back from marching band!!

Pre-marching band selfie!!

Pre-marching band selfie!!


*drinks coffee* im a ghoul




Why did it take this breakup and days of not really talking to each other to make me find/realize something about myself and my ACTUAL needs/wants in relationships - especially the LDR? 

Now to wait for him to talk to me, even though this is important, I have to try to wait. 

I hope things get better for you, I’m in a LDR myself and I get these moments where I don’t know what I want or the “What if” and I freak out a little.

It’s always best to do some soul searching, even if may take a while, I’m still doing that myself and I hope things will get better.

Things are definitely better since I had this huge realization today. I mean things are not GREAT obviously. Right now I am struggling on if I should wait to try to talk to him or not today or tomorrow or just wait until he ever decides to message me. This is such a huge thing that I am carrying around tho - I doubt it will make any difference in his decision but it is something that NEEDS to be said or else I will regret never saying it. 


ive come here to receive a rub


support nonbinary people who aren’t completely androgynous

support femme trans men

support masculine trans women

just because someone doesn’t fit into the stereotype of their identity doesn’t mean they aren’t valid


MBTypes: Haikyuu!!


MBTypes: Haikyuu!!